A Practical Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The countdown to Mother’s Day is officially on! If you’re wondering how to get creative and celebrate the special mom in your life, there is still time to brainstorm and grace her with something sweet, special, and sincere - socially-distanced and all.

Here at This is Not a Facade, we’ve carefully compiled a gift-giving guide that is all the way eco-conscious, practical, joyous , and glamorous- And heck, you can even refer to it for upcoming birthdays, holidays, or just when you feel like showing your mom how much you love and appreciate her! 

Are you ready to find the perfect gift that will send shockwaves to her heart and add value to her life? We’ve got all sorts of Mother’s Day gift ideas in store for every type of mom! 


The Fitness Junkie

Even the most resourceful of exercise enthusiasts LOVE and NEED a new fitness outfit from time to time. With the “quarantine fifteen” going around, most of us will be running back to the gym once this pandemic is over with. But for a fitness diva, there’s no better time than now to amp her up with a fresh set of super-cute sweat swagger!

For starters, think simple, comfortable, and sweat-proof. Because trust me: There’s no shortage of ways you can personalize her new workout outfit. 

Does she love hitting the pavement early in the morning or after sundown? Make sure her workout outfit is cozy and reflective-ready. 

Is she a weight lifter? Top-off her leggings and muscle shirt with some wrist and knee wraps in her favorite color. Or, if she loves to flow into warrior pose, make sure her top is adorned with a design to keep the good energy flowing.

And when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a pair of new workout or running shoes!


The Food Lover

What’s the secret to a food lover’s heart in times of quarantine? A meal via delivery, no less! 

No cooking. No cleanup. The food lovin’ mom in your life will appreciate the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal. Door Dash is a great way to order takeout; plus, delivery is free right now in quarantine. Using the link above, get an additional $5 off your first three orders!

So, what better way to say “I love you” than the gift of a delicious meal from mom’s favorite restaurant? 

Grocery services also make a great gift, as well. You’ll be able to order her a week’s worth of groceries and even have it delivered to her door! Order online at www.instacart.com and receive $10 off your first order.


The Community-Supporting Mama

Does mom really look forward to enjoying fresh-caught seafood on vacation? Now she doesn’t have to wait! With this Community Supported Fishery, or CSF, she can enjoy wild-caught seafood year-round on a subscription-type basis.

Each month, about 5 pounds of delicious seafood is delivered straight to her door! The best part? It’s caught by small-boat fisherman in Alaska; so she’ll be supporting them and their families. 

Fun fact: did you know fish at the supermarket isn’t so fresh after all? Research shows on average, the fish at your local supermarket has been out of water for up to two weeks. Yikes! 

This sustainable fish in contrast, is flash-frozen to -50 degrees Fahrenheit within just two days of being caught and is delivered on dry ice to her door. She’ll smell the difference!

If you think mom would appreciate this generous gift, visit www.sitkasalmonshares.com to choose your favorite 2020 Share and use promo code: KM25 at checkout to receive $25 off your first month. If she hates it (which she won’t), she can cancel anytime.

If mama is wild about fresh produce, especially in-season produce, sign her up for a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA!  She’ll receive a weekly box of fresh produce all summer long! Sustainable, fresh, healthy! Share's range in price and location; find the closest one by clicking here


The DIY Mama

Does mom love everything hands-on, crafty, and DIY? While you may be skeptical about going out shopping to stock her up on new DIY supplies, there is an alternative. You can give her a gift card to Upcyclekits.com, where she can choose her next DIY project and have all the supplies and instructions sent straight to her door.

Specializing in furniture restoration and ladder shelf kits, there are a million ways to get creative with Upcycle Kits. Email hello@tinafcraft.com to order a giftcard or kit today!


The Gift of Cleanliness & Organization

Let’s face it: Filing cabinets are heavy space hoarders that are becoming things of the past. If the mom in your life is still using filing cabinets (or could use some serious organizing in her life), help her transition to paperless!

You can’t go wrong with a paper scanner. You can teach her how to use it and store all of her important documents on a hard drive, reducing clutter and saving time in the process.

If her living space could also use some extra attention, gift her with a month of cleaning services - or clean yourself! You can use The Clean Essentials line of eco-friendly house cleaners that are made with reusable bottles and cleaning tablets. You can get a starter kit including foaming hand soap, multi-surface cleaner, bathroom, & glass/mirror cleaner for just $39!

Mom may also have a closet that runs as deep as your love for her… but she probably doesn’t need those maternity clothes anymore. If you want to help your mom get a new, fresh, and decluttered grasp on life, hire a professional organizer to assist.


Dreaming of Home Improvement

Do your parents still live in your childhood home? If so, I bet there’s something that could use a fix or update! So for this Mother’s Day, drop by mom’s house and have a look around. Ask her what types of home improvement projects she has in mind, or make your own suggestions. 

Once you have a home improvement project in mind, take some photos of the area you’ll be fixing up. Then, make your way over to Home Depot or Lowes, and go wild! From buying her a new light fixture or faucet to a kitchen table, lamp, or fresh coat of paint on the walls, there’s no shortage of home improvement ideas. What better way to help mom get the ball rolling on a new and improved home?

Sustainable Pampering for Spa-Goers & Outdoors Women

Is the special mom in your life into everything eco-friendly and au naturale? If so, give her the ultimate pampering experience with sustainable, cruelty-free beauty and spa products. 

There’s no shortage of plastic-free beauty soaps and shampoos on the market, but we’re big fans of Alo Goods made in the USA in Denver, Colorado. Did you know, one bar of soap is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo, and as someone who has used these products, I can say they are fantastic. You can shop a wide range of products including shampoo & conditioners, facial treatments, oral care and even a vegan skincare line.

If your mom is less into pampering, consider a more practical gift, like an insulated water bottle. These water bottle last a long time and can keep ice for up to 135 hours. I have one of these practical and super-useful water bottles, and after leaving it in a very hot car in the summer all day long, I returned to find it still had ice in it! Seriously. This is a must-have for mommas who love the outdoors, go through hot-flashes, or carry a water bottle with them everywhere they go.


The Wine-Sipping Gardener

With the arrival of spring in the time of social distancing, there’s no better time to pick up a shovel and start a garden. If your mom loves gardening or has expressed interest in starting one, gift her with all the necessities she’ll need to nurture her own garden. From batches of soil and flower seeds, to tools, flower pots, and everything in between, you’ll give her the gift of a new hobby and quality time spent outdoors.

If mom lives in an apartment complex or doesn’t have a backyard, give her a macrame plant hanger. Making these doesn’t take a long time (as long as you’re up to the challenge), but you also find them at Target or Home Depot. 

Does mom like her boxed wine? If she has a good sense of humor, you can also gift her with a flower pot wine keg. This is a great Mother’s Day gift idea to take on if you’re a devoted DIY’er or have extra time on your hands. 

For this gift, all you need to do is a plastic flower pot, a bag of her favorite wine, and a lovely arrangement of flowers (real or fake.) The Food Network provides a real simple demonstration of how to make a flower pot wine keg. It’s super easy and there are all types of ways you can customize mom’s gardening keg.


Recycled Jewelry for the Thrifty Mom

A beautiful piece of fine jewelry is often portrayed as the quintessential Mother’s Day gift. But if mama is on the thriftier side, you can still treat her to jewelry in an ethical and resourceful way. 

The recycled jewelry industry is thriving, and there’s an array of individuals and small businesses out there who are devoted to transforming recycled diamonds and stones. In the age of quarantine, supporting local artists and jewelers is pertinent. Plus, with jewelry shops closed, it’s easier to have her gift delivered right to her door.

Once jewelry shops are back open for business, consider visiting a local shop where you can browse a selection of used and estate jewelry. With recycled jewelry, your mom can still enjoy the finer things in life and practice ethical resourcefulness.


The Book Lover

If your mom doesn’t have an Audible subscription yet, it’s time to help her transform the way she consumes literature. She'll get one free month plus two free Amazon audiobook originals. After that, for $14/month, your mom can receive a free audiobook of her choice AND rack up credit that she can trade in for a new book. 

With a new set of bluetooth headphones, your mom can get lost in a new book - anywhere and everywhere.


A Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Us to You

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and while this year may be celebrated differently, there are all sorts of ways you can make your mom feel loved and appreciated. 

What will you choose from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide? Let us know by leaving a comment or reaching out to us, or send us photos of you and your mom this Sunday, May 10th!


And to all the mamas out there: Happy Mother’s Day!


Written by Kelly Mellon
Edited by Cassidy Karpovage


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